Ep 38 - Let Me Google That For You

"When we're old men, we'll still do it on the Internet."

Welcome to Shenantics with Skanky and mcul where they discuss life on the Internet. New episodes are released on Monday morning. On today's episode:

  • Desk knick-knacks & monitor setup
  • One-year Shenantics anniversary 7:42
  • Saltine conspiracy theories 9:13
  • Wikipedia pages 11:46
  • Skanky played all the Battle Royale games 17:18
  • Cuphead 24:39
  • Nintendo Switch 29:22
  • The downfall of friendships 38:27
  • Skanky's playing Age of Empires Beta 41:53
  • Small Streamer Shoutout: ToucanSham (Twitch, Twitter) 44:38
  • Daylight Savings 45:52
  • Using Wikipedia as a fictional story format 53:38
  • Food finish: Eggos 57:10

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