Ep 6 - Games, Games, Games

"Mike Rowe is a bohemian."

Welcome to Shenantics with Skanky and mcul where they discuss life on the Internet. New episodes are released on Monday morning. On today's episode:

  • Ark and open world games
  • Backseat gaming
  • High-level gaming (Street Fighter, Call of Duty)
  • Skanky's school slumber party
  • Story games and blind playthroughs
  • New Direction, the hottest new boy band
  • VH1, Plant Earth, Dirty Jobs
  • Bohemians and hobbies
  • TV v. Movies
  • You won't believe the crazy thing Skanky does before every meal
  • The real reason mcul started a podcast is finally revealed
  • "Soft pretzel" or "hot pretzel"? Let us know on Twitter @shenanticspod

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