Ep 9 - Moderators

"I'm going to wait until the day I die to watch that movie."

Welcome to Shenantics with Skanky and mcul where they discuss life on the Internet. New episodes are released on Monday morning. On today's episode:

  • Updates on mcul's dating profile.
  • Stand-up comedy and improv.
  • Young Skanky and mcul: the studious and the clown.
  • Fake PAX stories. (this episode was recorded before PAX East)
  • mcul likes a very specific genre of shows.
  • Streaming non-game content on Twitch.
  • Streaming with other people.
    • For established streamers and those just starting out.
  • The important skill of talking to yourself.
  • Updates on the Truman Show.
  • Skanky's viewer numbers on Twitch.
  • mcul forces a question that Shenantics has been avoiding.
  • Dealing with people in the community who don't break the rules but act inappropriately.
    • Have rules, but not too many.
    • Define your community.
    • Take charge, because someone needs to.
    • Vague but applicable rules help. Skanky uses "don't make people feel uncomfortable."
    • Execute on, and enforce, the rules.
    • Have mods message the person.
    • Have consequences and they need to escalate as time goes on (increasing timeouts and ultimately ban them).
  • How the guys pick moderators.
  • Streamers as moderators.
  • Badges in Twitch chat.
  • The food finish: salad!
  • Skanky attempts to do the ending.

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