Ep 25 - Special Guest: SledgeTheWrestler

"It's been YEARS."

Welcome to Shenantics with Skanky and mcul where they discuss life on the Internet. New episodes are released on Monday morning. On today's episode:

  • The new Jumanji movie.
  • Emoji! 1:36
  • AIM and away messages.
  • Small Streamer Shoutout: SledgeTheWrestler (Twitch, Twitter) 6:13
    • Sledge's streaming history. 8:55
    • Importance of rules and conduct when developing a community. 16:11
    • The many facets of a chat timeout. 21:13
    • New updates to Twitch. 25:06
      • Affiliate subs, badges, mobile app.
    • Twitch subscriptions. 27:02
    • Subscriber emotes. 31:44
    • Partners paving the way for affiliates. 40:12
    • Swapping out emotes. 41:32
    • What does affiliate status mean for Partnership? 43:35
    • Are affiliate requirements too low? 51:14
    • Recognition from Twitch. 55:34
    • Who were the guys' first Subscriber? 57:20

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