Ep 81 - The Guys are Live From New York

Welcome to Shenantics with Skxnky and mcul where they discuss life on the Internet. New episodes are released on Monday morning. On today's episode:

  • Live from New York
  • Why is mcul in New York? 2:58
  • Rooibos 9:00
  • The Overwatch League in-person experience 13:35
  • Skxnky is actually cool 16:54
  • NYC/Chicago comparisons 18:28
  • Hobbies and mountain climbing facts 24:50
  • Non-stop ego boosting 35:48
  • The trilby and a quick search on Usain Bolt 39:55
     - Icarus documentary
  • MoviePass update #5 45:16
  • Skxnky saw Sorry to Bother You 51:39
  • jk, back to MoviePass 53:28
  • Microphone mistakes and sauna podcasting 55:08
  • Food finish: late night pizza and NY bagels 58:09
  • Secret ending 1:02:46

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